GRAFE Color Batch GmbH


GRAFE Color Batch GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturer of
masterbatches, not only producing masterbatches, additives and functional
plastic compounds.

Based on innovative German development and engineering precision, GRAFE is a
company providing assistance and support for all plastics applications.

The GRAFE Group stands for quality, customer orientation and continuous
improvement in one of the largest R+D departments in the industry.

Applying the newest technologies and endow plastics with intelligent
functions. As a result, approximately 12,000 customers annually in more than
40 countries are satisfied with our products.

Brief history of the GRAFE group:

* A family owned company founded in 1991 in Jena,
* In 1995, he moved to Blankenhain's new corporate complex,
* Production volume of the group: about 10,000 t / a,
* Employees: 280, of whom 80 are research and development staff,
* Certified according to DIN-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO / TS 16949.


We are looking for all the partners, whose are dedicated to upgraid their
products with the best innovations and produce their products on the highest
quality, beside providing a seamless service background.

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