SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemical company in Eastern Europe. The company processes hydrocarbons into plastics, rubbers and other high value added products to deliver state-of-the-art technological solutions. The Group sells its petrochemical products on the Russian and international markets in two business segments:

·         Basic Polymers (polypropylene, polyethylene) and Plastics,

·         Elastomers and Intermediates (synthetic rubbers, EPS, PET).

The capacity of the Basic Polymers assets is around 1,000,000 mtpa of PP (mainly homopolymer) and 270,000 mtpa of LDPE.


In Q3 2019 SIBUR will launch its ZapSib project one of the top 3 worldwide petrochemical projects. The plant is designed to produce 1.5 mtpa of various grades of polyethylene and 500 ktpa of wide range grades of polypropylene. The polyethylene unit is licensed by INEOS while polypropylene license is provided by LyondellBasell.

With the new worldwide scale 2 mln tons ZapSib project completed in second half of 2019, Sibur is going to nearly triple its polyolefin capacity from around 1 mln to more than 3 mln tons. Thus, the currently existing polyolefin grade slate of LDPE and PP (Homo) will be complemented by LLDPE, HDPE and PP random- and impact-copolymers.


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