concerning Events organized by MyCeppi Kft
Data Controller: MyCeppi Kft.

MyCeppi Kft. hereby agrees to be bound by the content of these Guidelines and makes a unilateral commitment to ensure that any acts related to any of its activities pertaining to subscriptions or orders shall be in compliance with the requirements set out in these Guidelines and the applicable laws and ethics regulations.

I. Introduction

1. This information (hereafter referred to as the “Data Management Guidelines”) pertains to the management of personal data emerging during the organisation of conferences, meetings, events organised by MyCeppi Kft. and during direct queries for business acquisition and marketing purposes organised at events, or related to the events, and sent to participants of the events, provided on a voluntary basis or managed based on the law.

2. These Data Protection Guidelines dispose of the scope of personal data managed in respect of the individual, the purposes of data management, its duration, the method and options for the correction. deletion of data, the scope of data processors and whether the data are transferred to third parties.

4. The Data Protection Guidelines may be unilaterally modified by displaying the modified text on the website, in which cases the modification will qualify as accepted by visiting the website.

5. Physical location for the storage of data: the current site of MyCeppi Kft.

II. Basic principles

1. The protection of your personal data is of the utmost importance for MyCeppi Kft. and its partners. The collection and processing of personal and company-type data required for the use of our website and suitable for identification complies with the applicable Hungarian data protection regulations (Act CXII of 2011).

2. Your data shall be managed confidentially and they shall not be forwarded to third parties beyond the extent required to perform the service. MyCeppi Kft. shall be obliged to treat your data as confidential and shall only be entitled to share those with third parties contracted by MyCeppi Kft. in order to perform the service used by you and in order to comply with the contract, and only to the extent of the data records made available.

3. MyCeppi Kft. shall make all necessary technical and organisational efforts to ensure the safety of the personal and company data provided or made available by the Users throughout the entire process of data management.

III. Purpose and legal basis of data management

1. The purpose of data management is the provision of the service(s). Within the scope of the provision of the Service:
- to identify the Participant, to distinguish them from other clients;
- to maintain contact, to provide notifications of related or new services;
- to send system messages relating to the Service;
- in the case of purchase options, creation of the contract and the invoice and the definition of their content; - participation in events and related ancillary services (such as making photos and videos);

2. The authenticity and accuracy of personal data shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Participant.

3. Certain services require registration, and during such registration personal data are necessarily or individually selected and recorded and managed.

IV. Rights and remedies relating to data management

A. Modification, deletion and blocking of data

1. Users may at any time modify or request the correction of their data via MyCeppi Kft.’s contact details.

2. The personal data of clients will be deleted also if their data management is suspected of being unlawful (e.g. it is contrary to the provisions of the Competition Act or a legal provision on violation related to criminal law); or the purpose of data management is no longer valid; or the statutory deadline for the storage of data has expired; or if the court or the National Office of Data Protection and the Freedom of Information has ordered the deletion of such data; or if the data management is incomplete or erroneous, and such status is incapable of legal remedy, provided that the law does not exclude the possibility of the deletion of the data.

B. Request for information

1. The Participant is entitled at any time to request information about the personal data managed in relation to the Service concerned and related to the Participant at

2. At the request of the Participant, MyCeppi Kft. shall provide information about the User’s data managed by it in relation to the Service concerned, and about the data processed by a data processor acting on its behalf, and about the source of such data, the purpose, the legal basis and the term of the data management, the name and address of the data processor, the activities relating to data management, the legal basis and the addressee of data transfer operations, in accordance with the rules of complaints management.

C. Legal remedy by the authorities

In the case of an alleged violation of personal data management, the parties concerned may refer the matter to the competent court of justice, the Miskolc Tribunal (Miskolci Törvényszék), or initiate an investigation with the National Office of Data Protection and the Freedom of Information (president: Dr. Attila Péterfalvi, 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C,, +36-1-3911400,

VI. Publication of data, transfer of data

Disclosure is made only subject to special consent. Data transmission to third (external parties shall not take place). The data management information notice may occasionally vary in respect of certain products.

VII. Activities of external service providers

Data processors required for payment: Payments are made via the system of K&H Bank.