General Terms and Conditions

I. The Service Provider

Website: (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”)
Name of operator: MyCeppi Kft. (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider”)
Registered seat: 1085 Budapest, József krt. 69.
Location and mailing address: 3531 Miskolc, Kiss Ernő utca 19. (G19 Business Center)
Phone number: +36 46 783 811, +36 70 340 38 17
E-mail address:
Company registration number: 01-09-273768 (registered by the Registry Court of the Budapest Court of Justice)
Tax number: 24067067-2-42

II. The recipient of the service and the terms and conditions of use

1. The recipient of the service (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) is any natural person over 18 years of age or any legal person or an entity not having legal personality to whom services are rendered by the Service Provider under this Contract, in relation to information society, and on the basis of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and companies (hereinafter referred to as “Government Decree”), using a device enabling distance communication. The Service Provider and the Customer are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Contracting Parties” or “Parties”.
2. By use of the service currently offered by the Service Provider on the website (when using the website by registration or order), the Customer acknowledges and accepts all the terms and conditions contained in these General Terms and Conditions.
3. The Customer may use the Service in the following ways:
As the Host Party: Participating in the event as the host company that welcomes the representatives of visitor companies.
As a Guest Company: Attending the event as a visitor or guest, and seeking out the Host Party at a pre-agreed date at the venue of the event.

III. Purpose and subject of the service, order

Purpose of the service:
The purpose of the service is for the Customer to create a collaborative, information exchange and knowledge acquisition opportunity for the actors of the homogeneous market known by it, for the purpose of successful economic operations between them.

Subject of the Service:
The service comprises all events, conferences or related products (reports, studies, databases) currently located on the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Product”).
Participation in the events and the use of the service is subject to registration.

By registering, the service shall cover the following:
- participation in the event, including catering (the details of which are indicated at the time of ticket purchase), possibility of personal meetings with business partners at 20-minute intervals agreed upon in advance, in case the Guest Company’s application is accepted by the Host Party.
- through the website, the Service Provider shall provide an opportunity for the establishment of contact between the Host Party and the Guest Company, for the purpose of arrangement of appointments, which dates are included in the timetable. The arrangement of an appointment is a condition for the meeting to take place between the two parties. The Host Party may refuse the meeting or the date. If the Host Party rejects the Guest Company’s application online, that shall not qualify as a breach of contract by the Service Provider. In the event that the Guest Company’s application is rejected by all Host Parties, the Customer may cancel the contract by a written statement before the start of the event. Upon the Customer’s cancellation, at the written request of the Customer, the Service Provider shall repay the amount paid within 15 days to the Customer. The order for the product may be submitted by electronic means, by e-mail, by phone or by letter. The Service Provider shall do its best to ensure that the product data (in particular: product price, availability, description, etc.) on the website are as accurate as possible. For any errors that may occur, the Service Provider shall be liable according to the provisions of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26) and the provisions of the Civil Code.

The order:
The placement of an order is subject to registration. The Service Provider reserves the right to exclude violators of these GTC or those putting at risk the Service Provider’s interests from the use of the Service.

When ordering the products, the Customer is required to provide the following information for the performance of the service:
Company name:
Name of representative:
Spoken language:
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Company activity:
Annual polymer quantity purchased:
End product:
Used resin:
Process procedure:
Relevant production industry:

Billing details: Company name; Billing address (street, house number, city, postal code, tax number); Shipping details if the mailing address does not match the billing address: street, house number, city, postal code

Upon ordering the product, the Customer shall receive a confirmation of the order by e-mail.

The protection of Customer’s personal data is of paramount importance to MyCeppi Kft. and its partners. The collection and processing of personal-type data required for the use of our website and suitable for identification complies with the applicable Hungarian data protection regulations (Act CXII of 2011).

The Customer’s data shall be handled confidentially and they shall not be forwarded to third parties, unless it is indispensable for the performance of the contract (e.g. mail, courier service). Our employees, partners and service providers are subject to a confidentiality obligation towards us. MyCeppi Kft. is entitled to forward part of the data to the Host Party in order to perform the service and to the extent required to perform the service, in order for the Host Party to be able to decide on the confirmation of the time. Such data include, in particular, the company name of the Guest Company, the contact’s name, position, the company’s activity and the specified production data.

The prices quoted in HUF on the website are subject to VAT and are therefore indicated in net and gross amounts. The prices in Euro are net prices, they do not include VAT.

The Customer acknowledges that at the Service Provider, the product may be ordered by bank card payment and wire transfer.

By use of the credit card payment option, you may buy products conveniently and securely in our store. After ordering the selected goods, you will be directed to the website of K&H Bank, where you can make the payment by your bank card via an encrypted transaction used by the Bank, currently considered to be the safest. The only thing our Customers need to do is to click on “payment by bank card” when selecting the payment method and then to provide the card number, expiration date and three-digit security code of the card on the payment server of K&H Bank. K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB cards.

Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use can only be accepted if their use is approved by the card issuing bank! Please contact your bank to find out if your card can be used for online purchases.

K&H Bank issues a license number about the transaction after a successful purchase, which should be recorded in writing or the whole page printed. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, K&H Bank will report the cause of the error in an error message.

The Service Provider shall issue an invoice at the same time as the order is placed, which will be sent to the Customer simultaneously, who shall pay the amount thereof to the Service Provider within 15 days of the placement of the order, as provided above.

The order is deemed to be a contract concluded on the Internet, but not signed, the contents of which shall be filed, archived and may subsequently be available and retrieved at its registration number. The language of this contract is Hungarian, and it shall be governed by the pecuniary and procedural laws of Hungary. The contract, and thus the contractual relationship created by the contract is subject to Hungarian law, and in the case of interpretation of the contract, the language of the contract and the language of interpretation shall be Hungarian. In the case of any disputes arising out of the contract and the contractual relationship, the Parties shall abide by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest.

IV. Rights and obligations

Rights of the Service Provider:
- to change the venue of the event
- to cancel the event

Obligations of the Service Provider:
- to ensure that a predetermined number of Host Parties will receive the Guest Companies at the event in such manner that it provides the Guest Companies the opportunity to appointment registration with the Host Party, which however does not imply the obligation of receipt on behalf of the Host Party.
- to coordinate the establishment of contact between the Host Party and the Guest Company
- to provide the opportunity for appointment reconciliation on its website
- to provide the venue of the event and the pre-determined catering services included in the ticket price
- to provide a registration interface
- to operate the website of the event
- in the case of a change in the venue of the event or in the event of a cancellation of the event, to notify the Customer in writing
- to repay to the Customers the fees paid to it if the event is cancelled.

Rights of the Host Party:
- to accept or reject the application of a Guest Company by a unilateral declaration at the time of the arrangement of an appointment.
- to attend the event and to receive the Guest Companies subject to 20-minute intervals as per the timetable

Obligations of the Host Party:
- To confirm the application submitted by the Guest Company online, via the website within 7 calendar days of the application, whether accepted or rejected.
- to attend the event and to receive the Guest Companies according to the timetable.

Rights of the Guest Company:
- to attend the event after paying the entrance fee.
- to apply for an appointment date
- to meet with the Host Parties at a pre-agreed time according to the timetable, subject to 20-minute intervals, and to conduct negotiations with them

Obligations of the Guest Company:
- to meet with the Host Parties at the pre-agreed times according to the timetable

V. Withdrawal, liability

The Customer can withdraw from the purchase within 30 days prior to the day of the event without reason. The Customer may exercise its right of withdrawal by means of a clear written declaration on its behalf or by use of the declaration template contained in Annex No. 2 of the Government Decree.

The Service Provider shall repay the total amount paid by the Customer as a consideration immediately after withdrawal by the Customer, but not later than within 14 days of becoming aware of the withdrawal. Refunds shall only and exclusively be made by the Service Provider to the same bank card or account number from which the payment was received.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the Customer is obliged to notify the Guest Companies or its Host Companies about its withdrawal.

The Service Provider declares that it is not responsible
- for any malfunction that prevents the Customer from entering or connecting to the Service Provider’s website or submitting its order;
- For any damage due to any hardware or software failure of the Customer’s computer or any damage incurred due to the interruption of the Internet connection.

VI. Legal notice

The content of the website - unless otherwise indicated - is legally owned by the Service Provider subject to copyright and civil rights protection. The original content of the website or any component of its pages (e.g. texts, images, sounds, videos, etc.) may only be used with the prior written consent of the Service Provider. However, reproduction must comply with the prevailing applicable laws (in particular, the Civil Code, the Criminal Code and Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright). Any component or content of the website, may be reproduced and/or be made publicly available, either wholly or partially, whether online or in printed form, and be used in any other way (in particular: reproduction, use in a public or closed database, modification of data or use thereof for a different purpose, etc.) solely with the prior written consent of the Service Provider. In the case of a written consent by the Service Provider, which stipulates the conditions of authorized use, the user shall indicate the name of the direct author and the website as a source.

Any violation of intellectual creations and of copyright infringements is subject to legal consequences (in particular: Civil Code, Criminal Code, Copyright Act). The Service Provider reserves the right to take legal action immediately in order to protect its rights and economic interests, without previously calling on the infringer.

VII. Miscellaneous provisions

With regard to the newsletter and data management and processing, the provisions of the Data Protection Statement shall prevail.

The Customer shall be entitled to request information in relation to its order or submit a complaint to MyCeppi Kft.’s associates on business days between 10 am and 4 pm at the following contact details:
- 3530 Miskolc, Szemere u. 4. 1/24.
- +36 46,783,811

Issues not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by the relevant sections of the applicable laws. Any disputes arising in respect of the Service Provider shall primarily be attempted to be resolved through out-of-court settlement. If out-of-court settlement is unsuccessful, the Contracting Parties shall mutually submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Miskolc Tribunal (Miskolci Törvényszék).

The Service Provider is entitled to amend these GTC at any time unilaterally, which amendment shall enter into effect upon the publication thereof at the website.

Effective from: 1 June 2017 until revocation and/or modification.