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7 September 2021 - 8 September 2021
Samorin, Slovakia
Central European Plastics Meeting 2021


! Current travelling regulations in Slovakia:


! Please keep in mind to register online before your arrival to Slovakia:


We at myCEPPI are committed to organize the Central European Plastics Meeting on-site on 7-8 September 2021 at the X-Bionic Sphere Hotel in Samorin, Slovakia. We know that everybody wants to meet in person.

We have secured the early September date because we believe that there will be no further restrictions applied during and right after the summer holiday season.

However we are aware of the possibility that a next wave of the pandemic will reach us and in response governments/countries could apply measures which could endanger the on-site organization in September.

To minimize your business risk we share with you the following cancellation policy in case of myCEPPI is unable to organize the CEPM 2021 on-site at the above date and location due to official strict Covid measurements:

We will not postpone the CEPM 2021 any further in autumn 2021.

We will organize the new event on-site in 2022.

The event website, plasticsmeeting.com will be live from 15th July 2021 until 8th september 2021. In case we are complelled to cancel the CEPM 2021 at any time until the event date the website will be still usable. You will be able to use the online marketplace option, chat with the registered participants and you will have the opportunity to advertise and/or look for products, services and partners up until 8th September 2021.

Payment policy:

Please note, that already paid participation fees are automatically valid for the CEPM 2022! Visitor tickets are non-refundable.

1. Automatic application for the new event: CEPM 2022

  • your place is secured at the CEPM 2022
  • you will have no further participation expenses in 2022

2. Optional Payback / For the HOST and EXHIBITOR participants/

If you do not intend to participate at the CEPM 2022

  • 80 % of the paid participant fee is claimable
  • 20 % is the cancellation fee, which becomes a voucher reedemable to any of our services until 31st August 2022. /For eg. CEPM 2022 participation fee, Weekly Commodity Price Report subscription /

Personal cancellations:

Please note, that in case a registered participant is unable to attend at the CEPM 2021 myCEPPI cannot take responsibility.

Remember that if you cannot attend the event then you can always send a colleague in your place at no charge.

Full refunds, less a cancellation charge of 20% will be made on personal cancellations received 3 weeks prior to the event. Thereafter we regret that no refunds can be made.

      Date and location of the Central European Plastics Meeting are subject to change.


          Closed since 7 September 2021


          X-Bionic Sphere Hotel

          Organised by


          Participants 198
          Meetings 373


          Austria 3
          Belgium 1
          Bulgaria 11
          Croatia 2
          Czech Republic 20
          Egypt 1
          Germany 2
          Greece 2
          Hungary 61
          Lithuania 9
          Netherlands 9
          Poland 20
          Romania 8
          Serbia 8
          Slovakia 35
          Slovenia 4
          Turkey 3
          Ukraine 2
          United States 1
          Total 202


          Producers & manufacturers 74
          Traders & distributors 57
          Converters / End users 11
          Service providers 8
          Others 3
          Total 153